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Vibration Monitoring Course

Vibration Monitoring and Diagnosis Analyst (Level 1) on Oct 7, 2021 (Thurs)

Course Outline

Many companies in different industries have succeeded in extending the life cycle of the machine by changing the maintenance strategy from reactive or preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. The limitation of regular overhaul based on time or running hour may cause more issues on the running machine since statistics shows that there are more problems in the machine immediately after overhaul. The machine usually tunes-in certain period of time (days or weeks) after overhaul; and stabilizes to run with minimal problem for a long period before the machine failure or close to its life time. The best way to extend and maximize the machine life cycle is to monitor the machine periodically and make repair just before the machine fails.
machine vibration spectrum
Life cycle of machine
In the course, you will learn how to setup a monitoring program effectively through vibration measurement which is a well proven method in different industries for many decades. You will learn the meaning of different vibration metrics and standards, such as ISO10816-3; and the use of them to assess vibration severity and interpret the machine conditions such as bearing fault.

In case of high in vibration level, root cause analysis will be the next step. In the course, we will introduce different handy tools for fault diagnosis such as FFT analysis, phase measurement and Envelope Analysis. These tools allow us to break down the vibration into different components in order to understand which machine component is the candidate of potential defect. Also by looking at the machine condition in different perspectives, it enable us to double confirm if the high in vibration level is an indication of machine fault or not.

If the machine is confirmed to be unbalanced, the subsequent action is to lower the vibration level by means of balancing. In the course, we will demonstrate how to fix the unbalance by means of in-situ balancing. Through out the course, demonstration of measurement will be made based on real-life vibration data. Case stories will be presented to get an insight of the other vibration analyst’s experience; and understand the typical symptoms and vibration patterns of various faults in the machine.

 The course is for  Engineer, manager & technical staff involved in maintenance of rotating  machines
 Date / Time  
Sept 10, 2020 (Thurs)
 Course Fee  HKD 3,600 
 Language  The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese with English terms.

The course is organized together with MindPower Development Academy Co Ltd. 

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