Sound Level Meter 
Noise Monitoring System
Vibration Meter

Conditioning Amplifier

Data Acquistion
Sound & Vibration System
Audiometer Calibration
Acoustic Couplers
Machine Vibration Monitoring
Ground Vibration Monitoring
Cable Force Monitoring
High Voltage Testing
iTestMeasure provides the profesional solutions covering the whole measurement chain from transducer, data acquisition (analyzer) to analysis software.

HBM, IMI, PCB Transducer, TMS exciter, shaker, acoustic calibrator, vibraiton calibrator

HBM and PCB Tranducers
Accelerometer, Microphone, Strain Gage, Load Cell; transducer for measuring force, pressure, displacement, torque, RPM, Exciter, shaker...

Sound Level Meter
Larson Davis Sound Level Meter, Dosimeter, Outdoor Microphone

Larson Davis
- Web Access Sound Level Meter - 831C
- Professional Sound Level Meter - LxT
- Advanced Sound Level Meter - Model 831
- Building Acoustics
- Noise Monitoring Systems
- Outdoor Microphone for SLM
- Dosimeter - Spartan

Vibration Meter
Larson Davis human vibration meter HVM200
- Expert Vibration Meter (Adash A4900 Vibrio III)
- Human Vibration Meter HVM200 (Larson Davis)

Conditioning Amplifier
HBM PCB Amplifier - ICP / charge Conditioning Amplifier (PCB)
- Microphone Conditioning Amplifier (Larson Davis)
- Bridge Amplifier / Display (HBM)
- Universal Amplifier / Display (HBM)

Data Acquisition
HBM Universal Robust Precision Data Acquistion DAQ HBM provides different acuqisition solutions to meet your requuirements:
- Universal Data Acquisition (QuantumX)
- Robust Data Acquisition (Somat eDAQ)
- Precision Universal Amplifier + Data Acquisition (MGCPlus)
- High Speed Data Acquisition / Recorder (Genesis)
- User-friendly Data Acquistion Software (Catman Easy / AP)
Sound & Vibration System
Prosig P8000 + DATS Prosig are experts in the measurement & analysis of sound & vibration. The company provides turnkey data capture and analysis systems for a wide range of applications with particular focus on NVH and noise testing for the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries.
PCB, TMS, HBM Calibration System, Acoustic calibrator, vibration calibrator

- Acoustics / Vibration Calibrators (PCB)
- Force / Pressure / Torque Calibration System (HBM)
- Accelerometer Calibration System (Modal Shop)
- Audiometer Calibration (Larson Davis)

Machine Vibration Monitoring

PCB, IMI, Adash Vibration Monitoring, on-line, off-line, 683A indicator

- Expert Vibration Meter (Adash A4900 Vibrio M)
- Lubrication Control (Adash A4910 - Lubri)
- Vibration Analyzer 4 ch + Recorder (Adash A4400 VA4Pro, A4404-SAB)
- High End Vibration Analyzer VA5 Pro (for vibration, infrared, ultasound)

- Industrial Accelerometer (IMI)
- On-line Monitoring - indicator 683A  / alarm / transmitter / swiches  (IMI)
Ground Vibration Monitoring

GEA Ground Vibration Monitoring System ISO 2631, DIN 4150-3

- Ground vibraton monitoring system
- Ground vibration sensor
- Ground vibration monitoring software
- Ground vibration monitoring boxxes and HubSync
High Voltage Testing
HBM HV Testing of Power Grid Component HV Testing of Power Grid Component (HBM)
- Switch Gear Testing
- HV Impulse Testing
- Current Zero Testing
Product Profolio
IEC 61672, 60804 Class 1 Sound Level Meter
Noise Analyzer
Permannent Noise Monitoring System
NC, NR, STI, Reverberation Time Meter
Outdoor Microphone
Noise Mapping
Data Acquistion System
Sound Calibrator
Audiometer Calibration System
Acoustics Coupler

ISO 10816-1 Vibration Meter
Vibration Analyzer
Vibration Data Collector
Vibration Monitoring System
Vibration Transmitter
Vibration Indicator
On-line Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Switch

Modal Analysis System
Vibration Controller
Vibration Testing System

Shaker, Exciter
Vibration Calibrator
Ground Vibration Monitor

Impact Hammer
Pressure Transducer
Strain Gage, Experimental Stress
Load Cell
Force Transducer
Torque Transducer
Displacement Transducer

ICP Signal Conditoner
Bridge Signal Conditoner
Measuring Amplifier

High Voltage Testing
High Speed Electrial Power Measuring System