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Company Profile
Prosig Prosig are experts in the measurement & analysis of sound & vibration. The company provides turnkey data capture and analysis systems for a wide range of applications with particular focus on NVH and noise testing for the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries.
Hardware DATS
Prosig DATS-solo DATS-solo
The The DATS-solo is a small data logger from Prosig. It is compact, rugged, USB powered and has 4 x 24-bit inputs selectable as IEPE, voltage or tachometer inputs. The size, tough packaging and power from USB make it ideal for mobile use. The fully integrated DATS software provides options for acoustic & vibration testing, rotating machinery analysis, NVH tests, hammer impact analysis, resonance testing and modal analysis. Read more....
Prosig P8012 DATS-tetrad
The The DATS-tetrad is a rugged, portable data acquisition system that supports up to 32 high speed analog inputs. Sensor options are include microphones, accelerometers, strain gauges, thermocouples, load/pressure/force sensors, tachometers, rotary encoders, digital I/O and CAN-bus. The unit can be powered from mains, vehicle or its internal battery power. The Tetrad provides the versatility of a standalone front end or can be distributed for up to 1000 channels. Read more..
Prosig P8048
The DATS-hyper12 is the high channel count member of the Prosig DATS data acquisition system family. The unit is available in portable or rack-mount form and a single system can support 96 high speed analogue inputs. Units can be stacked to expand the system to over 1000 channels. Various input options are available. These include high speed analog (for microphones & accelerometers), thermocouple, strain gauge, precision tachometer measurement, digital I/O, CAN-bus, GPS and analog output. .Read more..
Application Software - DATS
Prosig Acoustics
DATS Toolbox
DATS™ is a comprehensive package of data acquisition and signal processing tools. It is used mainly for sound and vibration measurement and analysis, but can be used for a wide range of engineering data. DATS™ has been developing for over 30 years. Read more....
Prosig Acoustics
DATS Acoustics Analysis Suite
Contains analysis for acoustics including 1/n octave filter, sound power, sound intensity, sound level meter, transmission loss, room acoustics RT60, 2 mic impedance tube and sound quality metrics.
Prosig mapping
DATS Sound Mapping
Maps sound pressure or sound intensity using an array of microphone or intensity probe. Maps are drawn over an image of the  test piece and can be shown as contour and color maps.
DATS Human Response
DATS Human Response Analysis Suite
Measures human response according ISO, DIN and EEC Standards. Includes building vibration, whole body, hand arm, ship vibration, vibration dose, SEAT vibration and vehicle crash biomechanics.

Prosig DATS Hammer Impact
DATS Hammer Impact Test
The Hammer Impact Analysis guides the user through the process of making the measurements. A pre-test Wizard assists the user in setting up trigger levels and response window weighting factors. Auto reject double impacts and overloads are provided to make the measurement very userfriendly.
Read more....
DATS Modal
DATS Modal Analysis Suite
The DATS Modal Analysis suite is provided for analysts who want to determine Modal Frequencies, Damping Factors & Modal Amplitudes from either measured frequency response functions, impulse response functions or from response-only data. The identified mode shapes can be displayed and animated using the DATS Structural Animation package.  Read more...
DATS animation
DATS Structural Animation
Use Structural Animation with either frequency data or time data to visualize the vibration patterns. Allows insight into the way the structure is vibrating or the sound pressure distribution of 3-D test object.

DATS Rotating Machinery DATS Rotating Machinery
The Time Sampled analysis enables a user to carry out classical Waterfall analysis, producing frequency spectra related to the speed of rotation. It includes comprehensive tacho conditioning software. The software allows waterfalls and orders to be visualized in many ways. Band-pass filtering and envelope analysis can be carried out for bearing analysis
DATS Balancing
DATS Multiplane Balancing
The software guides the user throughout the entire process. These measurements enable influence coefficients to be calculated. A least squares optimized multi-plane balancing algorithm using a single value decomposition algorithm (SVD) with an option to add bias forms the mathematical heart of the software.
DATS NVH Analysis
The NVH analysis (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) is central to creating a successful product. It’s not just making less noise, but also making the “right” noise, that is important. Using the depth and power of the DATS NVH Analysis Software, it is possible to measure and refine products from automobiles & aircraft to white goods and other household appliances. Read more...
DATS Psychoacoustics
DATS Psychoacoustics Analysis Suite
The DATS Psychoacoustics Analysis Suite provides a host of functions for the objective description of subjective sounds including loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strenght and prominence ratio.

DATS Sound Quality Audio Replay
DATS Sound Quality Audio Replay
The DATS Sound Quality Audio Replay (SQAR) package allows a user to listen to and analyze audio data. The replay software displays various data views (time series, orders, sound quality metrics, speed) with simultaneous audio output for listening. A click on one of the graphs will jump straight to a particular place or a couple of clicks will make the replay loop around a small section. Read more...
DATS Source Path Analysis
DATS Source Path Analysis Suite
Includes transfer path analysis, source contribution analysis, path contribution ranking. Help to locate which source is contributing most sound and vibration issues; and which path is most critical.

DATS Time frequency
DATS Time Frequency Analysis Suite
In the Time-Frequency Analysis package, Prosig have been able to implement a number of different algorithms including Wigner Ville, Atlas Zhao Marks and Born Jordan, which all give slightly different emphasis to features of the signal. This package also includes a comprehensive suite of wavelet analysis tools.
DATS Fatique
DATS Fatique Life Analysis
The Fatigue Analysis package provides a comprehensive set of programs for the fatigue test engineer including rainflow count, life prediction, stress & weld life, strain life, S-N curve and E-N curve and material database & editor.

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Noise & Vibration Handbook
Prosig Noise & Vibration Handbook