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Larson Davis 4G Solar Panel SoundAdvisor Kit NMS044
Larson Davis has created a new standard for portable noise monitoring systems by making the SoundAdvisor Kit Model NMS044 completely wireless with solar charging and 4G wireless while keeping it truly portable. The SoundAdvisor noise monitor includes everything needed for a noise monitor (powered by SoundAdvisor Model 831C Class 1 sound level meter) that can run indefinitely while remaining connected to the Internet making your meter and your data always readily available.

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Permanent Noise Monitoring System
NMS045 permanent noise monitoring The SoundAdvisor Permanent Noise Monitoring System Model NMS045 shares many of the same benefits as Portable Noise Monitoring System Model NMS044, from 24/7 connectivity to continuous power capabilities, designed to simplify your testing. Now, the key elements of the portable system are available in a permanent setup, encased in a fiberglass enclosure mounted to a permanently placed pole.

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Portable Noise Monitoring System
821 NMS  SoundExpert NMS048 can be left at site for weeks of unattended noise monitoring. It can be powered by the D-size batteries, car battery AC or solar power. Data files can be transfered to the PC for reporting through USB cable or bluetooth.

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