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4G Solar Panel Noise Monitoring System
Larson Davis 4G Solar Panel SoundAdvisor Kit NMS044
Larson Davis has created a new standard for portable noise monitoring systems by making the SoundAdvisor Kit Model NMS044 completely wireless with solar charging and 4G wireless while keeping it truly portable. The SoundAdvisor noise monitor includes everything needed for a noise monitor (powered by SoundAdvisor Model 831C Class 1 sound level meter) that can run indefinitely while remaining connected to the Internet making your meter and your data always readily available.

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Semi-permanent Noise Monitoring System
Larson Davis NoiseTutor semi-permanent noise monitoring system (Sound Level Meter)
NoiseTutor is designed for rapid deployment with minimum effort. It eliminates frequent visits to remote locations; provides 'alert' notification by SMS / email;  publishes real-time data at website; allows hearing of 'event' for noise identification; and with the optional outdoor microphone (PRM2103-FF) enables remote calibration checks and  power saving by automatic humidity control.

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Permanent Noise Monitoring System
Larson Davis Permanent Noise Monitoring System (Sound Level Meter) 831-NMS is designed for long term noise monitoring. Weather station, battery, charger, 3G router etc can be integrated through the 831-INT-ET docking station to meet the customer's requirements. Two way remote communication is available for purposes of monitoring and control from a central station.

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Portable Noise Monitoring System
Larson Davis Portable Noise Monitoring System based on Soundexpert (Sound Level Meter)
SoundExpert LxT NMS can be left at site for 2 weeks unattended noise monitoring. It uses the D-size batteries, so don't need to carry the heavy seal lead acid battery around. Data files can be transfered to the PC for reporting through USB cable or USB stick.

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Hand-held & Attended Noise Monitoring System
Larson Davis 831 Sound Level Meter for noise monitoring
831 is an advanced class 1 sound level meter with extreme  fast logging (down to 2.5 ms interval).

2 independent loggers are available for simultaneous data logging in 2 different time intervals (such as 1 min Leq/Ln and 30 min Leq/Ln). Through sound recording of event, noise source can be accurately identified.

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Data Logging of Noise
Larson Davis SoundExpert LxT Sound Level Meter
SoundExpert LxT is a cost effective class 1 sound level meter for attended noise monitoring. Data logging can be down to 1s interval. Another independent logger can be used for Ln / Leq logging with interval down to 1 minute.

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