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 NEW SoundAdvisor 831C Sound Level Meter
SoundAdvisor 831C
Web Browser Access of Sound Level Meter
831C Octave Spectrum

The SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter is designed to make noise measurement easy.

Due to its color display, connectivity, extensive software features and small form factor the SoundAdvisor is an ideal choice for handheld operation. Attended measurements are simplified, with the ability to control and monitor data via any PC or mobile device with a standard web interface.

Connectivity Is Key – Cellular, WiFi, and wired networking are all available to you when using the SoundAdvisor. The meter can even serve as its own WiFi hotspot. 

Many Platforms, Same Controls – Whether you are setting up a test on the meter, checking in remotely from your laptop, or receiving an alert to your smartphone, you’ll be working with the same interface and menus across all platforms

Technically Optimized in Class 1 Sound Level Meter
wifi hotspot, USB stick support by SoundAdvisor

As with any device from Larson Davis, a thoughtful design process ensures that your needs are met from international standards to functionality.
  • IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 integrating sound level meter
  • Real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands, compliant with IEC 61260:2014 Class 1
  • >120 dB dynamic range
  • 2 GB internal memory, expandable by USB (data can be stored directly to USB stick)
  • Sound Recording in WAV (or compressed format in 1/6 of memory space)
  • Selectable 51.6 kHz to 8 kHz in sound recording frequency
  • No data loss in sudden power off
 NEW 4G Solar Panel Noise Monitoring System NMS044
SoundAdvisor 4G Solar Panel monitoring kit NMS044 Noise Monitoring System
automatic push data to dropbox - NMS044

Larson Davis has created a new standard for portable noise monitors by making the SoundAdvisor Kit Model NMS044 completely wireless with solar charging and 4G wireless while keeping it truly portable.

Even in cloudy days without AC power, NMS044 is able to keep running forever, thanks to the low power consumption of SoundAdvisor 831C, and the optimized solar panel and battery design.

Avoid Trips To the Field – Data will be pushed to Dropbox or secured FTP site automatically. You can spend time in the office, rather than travelling to reach remote locations
Instant Alerts – Receive immediate notification of noise events and use the recorded sound files to evaluate the cause.
 NEW  Reverberation Time
831C reverberation time

831C measures the decays and then computes the reverberation time according to ISO 3382-2 or ASTM 2235-04 standards.

When using the Interrupted Noise method, the 831C not only triggers the data acquisition, but its built-in Noise Generator can be used to drive the omni-directional sound source.

Recent trends show that the Integrated Impulse method is gaining popularity and 831C handles the acquisition of the decays and the subsequent T20 or T30 calculations completely and with ease.

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