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Web Access SoundAdvisor 831C

SoundAdvisor 831C for 4G, WIFI and LAN web browser

The SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter is designed to make noise measurement easy. Due to its color display, connectivity, extensive software features and small form factor the SoundAdvisor is an ideal choice for handheld operation. Attended measurements are simplified, with the ability to control and monitor data via any PC or mobile device with a standard web interface.

Connectivity Is Key – Cellular, WiFi, and wired networking are all available to you when using the SoundAdvisor. The meter can even serve as its own WiFi hotspot

Many Platforms, Same Controls – Whether you are setting up a test on the meter, checking in remotely from your laptop, or receiving an alert to your smartphone, you’ll be working with the same interface and menus across all platforms

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Professional SLM - SoundExpert 821

821 SLM

SoundExpert 821
is a professional Class 1 Sound Level Meter with dual datalogger and options for real-time 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis.

It is ideal for environmental noise measurement with internal battery life up to 40 hours.

For unattended outdoor noise monitoring, it can be paired with SLA battery, solar panel and waterproof enclosure to provide extra power and protection.

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Building Acoustics

426A12 permanent outdoor microphone for Sound Level Meter

Larson Davis offers Building Acoustics Measurement System for :
  • Reveberation time RT-60 with backward Schroeder Integration
  • Sound Insulation according to ISO R140 & ISO 717
  • Sound Insulation according to ASTM E90-E336 & ASTM E007
Outdoor Noise Monitoring System

Larson Davis outdoor noise monitoring solution using 831 Sound Level Meter

Larson Davis offers different noise monitoring systems from permanent, semi-permanent, portable and attended solutions to meet customer different requirements.

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Outdoor Microphone for SLM

426A12 permanent outdoor microphone for sound level meter

Larson Davis offers Environmental Protection Shroud, Permanent Outdoor Microphones and complete systems for semi-permanent or permanent noise monitoring.

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Dosimeter - Spartan

Larson Davies Spartan Dosimeter

The wireless Spartan Noise Dosimeter 730 offers fast & easy measurements via reliable hardware and the user friendly LD Atlas™ app. All essential measurement tasks, from test setup to sending reports, can be done from your mobile device.

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PC Software for SLM

Larson Davis PC software for Sound Level Meter

Larson Davis offers set-up utility and data analysis software to support SLM and Dosimeter for noise monitoring and data logging.

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Calibrator for SLM

Larson Davis CAL200 Acoustics Calibrator for Sound Level Meter

Model CAL200 is a battery operated, temperature compensated precise Class 1 Sound Calibrator. The following specifications apply:
- Calibration frequency = 1kHz
- Output Sound Pressure Level is selectable from 94 or 114 dB re 20uPa ( 0.2dB)

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