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Adash VA5 Pro High End Vibration Analyzer
Adash VA5Pro Advanced Vibration Analyzer

VA5 Pro is designed for the Vibration Analyst who would like to use the latest technology in NDT for rotating machines. Besides equipped with all the tools for vibration analysis, VA5 Pro can take InfraRed photo to locate the overheated bearing or parts; use Ultasound to detect leakage in valve; and simulate the Operation Deflection Shape to illustrate the root cause of high vibration such as looseness at foundation.

 You can feel it ....... by the Touch Screen
Adash VA5Pro touch screen
 You can see the hotspot ....... by the InfraRed Camera
infra red camera on VA5Pro
 You can hear the leakage ....... by the Ultrasound
VA5 Pro Ultrasound
You can see the soft foot ..... by the Operation Deflection Shape
VA5 Pro - Operation Deflection Shape
You can use all the tools ...... from the best equipped analyzer
VA5 Pro tools
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