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Adash 3 channel A4300 VA3 Pro Analyzer / Data Collector
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector

The Adash A4300 VA3 Pro makes vibration measurements of X, Y and Z directions simultaneously, that saves your time in routine data collection or fault diagnosis.

There is a non-contact IR temperature sensor for immediate bearing temperature measurement and a LED stroboscope for RPM confirmation. The A4300 VA3 Pro is designed for one-handed operation. With a weight of just 780g and a battery life of more than 10 hours of operation, the unit is suitable for long route measurements.

VA3 Pro Front Panel
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector
  • ACC ICP┬« - sensor input
  • 2 signal inputs AC/DC (IN1,IN2)
  • Input IN2 is ready for triaxial sensor (3 simultaneous channels)
  • Input for tacho/trigger
  • IR non-contact temperature sensor
  • LED stroboscope / torch
NEW A4300 VA3 Pro Ultrasound 
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector (ultrasound)
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Ultrasound

The newly added A4300  VA3 Pro Ultrasound function can be used for detection of 
  • air leakage, steam leakage, valve leakage
  • electrical arcing, electrical corona
  • Early Bearing Fault 
By simply changing the accelerometer into an ultasound microphone, VA3 Pro can turn into a valuable tools for ultrasound fault detection.
A4300 VA3 Pro Expert System
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector (expert system)
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Expert System

The A4300  VA3 Pro Expert System gives immediate field diagnosis of the most common faults that can be detected by vibration  measurement. Faults are shown in color scale:
  • Vibration Severity (ISO 10816-3) - left column
  • Unbalance 
  • Looseness 
  • Misalignment
  • Bearing Fault - right column
It also indicates the bearing temperature (on the right column) when its built-in infra-red sensor is pointed at the bearing housing.
A4300 VA3 Pro Recorder
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector (recorder)
Adash A4300 VA3 recorder

The A4300  VA3 Pro Recorder is a indispensible tool for indepth analysis of machine fault.

Recorder can be played back and analyzed using the FREE OF CHARGE PC Virtural Analysis Software. Therefore VA3 can be used as a 'digital recorder and playback' system and the investment is very cost effective.
A4300 VA3 Pro Analyzer
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel vibration analyzer / data collector

Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Analyzer

Measurements of 3 channel are done simultaneously. Moreover, different measurements on the same measurement point are carried out at the same time.

For example, the screen can show the :
  • overall velocity in mm/s
  • overall acceleration in g
  • time waveform in velocity
  • FFT spectrum (25,600 lines) in velocity
  • Envelope spectrum for bearing fault detection
  • Order analysis for variable speed machine
A4300 VA3 Pro Time Waveform
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro 3 channel Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector (time waveform)

Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Vibration Analyzer Data Collector

Time Waveform display on A4300 VA3 Pro can be used for inspection of rubbing issue; or motor fault such as rotor short circuit or eccentricity.

In case of bearing fault, waveform of acceleration can sometimes reveal the vibration impacts between the bearing roller and the rails.

A4300 VA3 Pro Data Collection by Route
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Vibration Analyzer, Data Collection by Route

Adash A4300 VA3 Route Program

By using the downloaded route, data collection becomes a simple routine job. User follows the on screen instruction on VA3 Pro to collect the vibration data for different machines and measurement points.

Data uploaded to DDS2016 PC database will automatically generate alert and alarm based on the user defined limits.
A4300 VA3 Pro Balancer (ISO 1940)
Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Vibration Analyzer, 1-plane, 2-plane balancing

Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Balancing Program

In-situ 1-plane and 2-plane balancing of rigid rotor according to ISO 1940 can be easily achieved using VA3Pro..

The program calculates the Dynamic Factor Amplitude (DFA) and Phase (DPP) after the mesurement with trial mass. These factors are kept in memory so that next time, no measurement of trial mass is needed. Once the vibration measurement before balancing is completed, the correction mass and position are shown immediately.
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