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DDS Vibration Monitoring And Diagnosis Software

One software for all instruments!

DDS is a professional database program that helps you manage your vibration data properly so that you can put your focus, time and effort on the machines in high vibration or machines with fault development.

You can trend the historical data againt time, compare vibration signature with similar machines, make diagnosis with the asistance of various handy tools and generate report to management in seconds.

Adash DDS2014 Machine Monitoring Software
Expert System
DDS2014 - Expert System

FASIT is the Fault Source Identification function (Expert System) in DDS.

FASIT can identify common faults in machines such as unbalance, looseness, misalignment and bearing fault; and indicate the severity of the faults in color scale.

It can also trend the fault in percentage so that we can understand the development of the fault and assess its risk.

DDS2014 - overall limit

Alert / alarm will be generated automatically and indicated on hierarchy tree when data is downloaded from the data collector or analyzer.

The alert / alarm limit can be based on overall or user-defined bands. For example, by defining a frequency band covering the tooth mesh frequency and its harmonics, gear box fault can be easily detected and distinguished from other faults.

DDS2014 - marker

Marker is very useful in fault diagnosis; and helps putting the focus on the characteritic frequencies of the machine such as bearing, gearbox,  motor, fan, pump, ...etc.

The program comes with an extensive bearing database that allows easy identification of the characteristics frequencies of your bearing.

You can also add some comment in the graph as a reminder; or as a remark for reporting..

DDS2014 waterfall plot

Various data presentation formats are available for comparison with historical data of the same or different measurement points.

By means of delta cursor, data of a certain frequency band can be trended against time.

Different graphs and cursor can be aligned for interactive display so that when the overall reading is selected in one diagram, the corresponding spectrum and waveform will be shown at the same time for comparison.

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