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Adash A4404 PC-based Vibration Monitoring

Adash A4404-SAB Vibration Analyzer
Ground Vibration Monitoring Solution offered by Adash

Vibration monitoring is needed for ensure that the high vibration sensitive devices such as computer server, medical equipment are not affected by shock or vibrattion when there is construction work or piling nearby.

Adash A4404-SAB Vibration Analyzer is a 4 channel PC-based analyzer. It is based on the popular Vibration Analyzer A4400 VA4 Pro with all user-interface achieved on the computer instead.. A4404-SAB can be used for vibration monitoring in 3-axis simultaneously. Together with high sensivity accelerometer (for example 10V/g), low level vibration down to micro g can be monitored. 

Logging overall vibration level

Adash A4404-SAB for Ground Vibraiton Monitoring

Logging acceleration, velocity and displacement 

A4404-SAB analyzer allows simultaneous measurement and logging of acceleration, velocity and displacement in different parameters (RMS, Peak, Peak to Peak) and their frequency ranges can be user-defined.

A4404-SAB is very flexible in defining the parameters to be monitored. Its mult-tasking measurement capability can meet the most demanding vibration monitoring task.

Overall and 1/n Octave data can be exported in realtime to text format for further processing by customer's developed program.
Logging FFT and 1/3 Octave Spectra

Adash A4404-SAB for Ground Vibraiton Monitoring

Logging of FFT and 1/3 Octave Spectra

Besides the logging of overall vibration levels, A4404-SAB can log the FFT spectra and 1/n Octave Spectra at the same time.

High resolluton FFT can be used to pin point the dominated frequencies in vibration.

Spectra can be exported in CSV format for further postprocessing. Data can also be transferred to DDS Windows software for comparison and documentation.

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