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Adash Compact On-line Monitoring System A3800
Adash A3800 compact on-line monitoring system

The A3800 is a compact on-line monitoring and diagnostic system designed to increase machine reliability through predictive monitoring strategy.

The compact size (117 x 117 x 58 mm) of the A3800 enables it to be mounted directly on the DIN rail inside a switchboard.

The A3800 unit has an optional number of channels for vibration sensor - 4, 8, 12 or 16. Each group of 4 channels allows fully simultaneous measurements. Groups of 4 input channels are switched to each other via a multiplexer.

A3800 inherits the measurement capability of the VA4 Pro 4 channel analyzer includding the Expert System FASIT, that allows flexible monitoring strategy and powerful diagnosis functions adapted to different customers requirements.

LAN communication

The setting and control of A3800 unit is done in the DDS software. Data is transfered through LAN communication to the DDS database. WIFI can be chosen as an option if wireless communication is preferred.

data transfer from A3800 to PC via LAN
Multiplexing Channels

Each group of 4 vibration inputs can be measured simultaneously. Group of 4 channel can be selected for the measurement trhough a multiplexer.

Each group of 4 vibration inputs also comes with a tacho input, so up to 4 tachometers can be used for speed, phase or order measurement.

A3800 Multiplexer
A43800 Ports
Adash A3800 ports

A3800 has a built-in industrial controller inside.

Data transfer to DDS software is through the LAN interface.

Monitor, keyboard and mouse can be connected to the controller through the HDMI and 2x USB ports when local maintenance work is needed.

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A3800 on-line monitor
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