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High Voltage Testing
High Voltage Testing (HBM)
Power Grid Component Testing, Swtichgear Testing, HV Impulse Testing, Current Zero Testing
HBM Genesis provides measurement equipment for testing of Power Grid Components. Tests are carried out under difficult electromagnetic environmental conditions to get clean and reliable measurement results. Tests available by HBM:

- Switchgear Testing
- HV Impulse Testing
- Current Zero Testing

HBM ISOBE5600 isolation system
HBM Genesis Fiber-optic isolator, ISOBE5600 isolation system
ISOBE5600 isolation system - Transmission system with integrated fiber-optic isolation

The ISOBE5600 isolation system provides an additional isolation for existing measurement systems.

The system comprises a transmitter unit connected by optical fiber to the ISOBE5600r receiver unit. Either the battery-powered ISOBE5600t (high voltage) or the line-fed (mains-fed) ISOBE5600tm (medium voltage) with isolated power supply (10 kV isolation) can be used as transmitter. The rechargeable battery of the ISOBE5600t transmitter unit is easily replaceable, and provides energy for twelve hours of continuous operation. A second rechargeable battery (optional) doubles the operating time to 24 hours.

Your benefits

  • Stability
  • Accuracy
  • No exchange of existing data acquisition device is necessary
  • Battery (rechargeable) or line-powered (mains-powered) transmitter
  • Secure digital data transmission via optical fiber
  • Minimizes measurement problems, like ground loops, long signal lines, random signals
  • Higher bandwidth than a normal isolation amplifier.
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