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GEA-Lab Ground Vibration Monitoring Software

GEA Ground Vibration Monitoring Software for DIN 4150-3

GEA-Lab has been developed to guide the user in a simple and intuitive way from the initial configuration to the reports. Suitable for non-expert users, it provides the flexibility and the power you need to manage complex tasks.

Now GEA-Lab is a complete software suite able to satisfy every vibration measurement and monitoring need within civil engineering.


Data Recording
GEA-Lab Data Recording for ground vibration monitoring

Thanks to this standard function, any GEA system could be used as a simple data recorder. Then, the Raw Data in open format can be further analyzed by other software such as MatlabĀ® or Excel. In the multi-Sensor system, using the Hub Sync, data are also suitable to be used for advanced analyses such as modal tests.
Structural Damage DIN 4150-3
GEA-Lab Structural Damage software for ground vibration monitoring DIN 4150-3

With these options, it is possible to analyze real-time data in conformity with DIN 4150-3 and other relevant international standards. PPV calculation is performed with the FFT method. Advanced Trigger functionalities are available. During the acquisition the software stores global vibration values at user-defined intervals and, in case the threshold level is exceeded, the event time history and the spectra are saved. Data are then compared with the reference curves in real-time.
Human Comfort ISO 2631
GEA-Lab human comfort option for vibration monitoring ISO2631, DIN 4150-2

This option analysis allows acquiring data to evaluate human comfort within buildings. Several international standards are implemented such as DIN 4150-2 and ISO 2631.
GEA-Lab scheduling for ground vibration monitoring

The scheduling option is fundamental in long-term monitoring sessions. With this option it is possible to define system activity (Start and Stop), data storage in daily/hours schedules, alert interval on system status and others. A complete functionality is available, if the system is connected to internet and with the E-Mail alert option.
E-Mail Alert
GEA-Lab email alert for ground vibration monitoring

Once connected to internet, with this option it is possible to send several information regarding the monitoring activity to user-defined accounts, in particular alerts, when the threshold level is exceeded, system status information and logging measurement data. Check your mail on your PC, Smartphone or tablet to know everything about your monitoring system.

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