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Audit 824 audiometer calibration system AUDit™ with 824 System
Portable, Rugged and Accurate

Larson Davis audiometer calibration systems combine the speed and power of the System 824 real time analyzer with the sophisticated, yet user-friendly, AUDit™ software. Standard audiometer specification tests can be performed manually or under computer control with greater ease than with any other system.

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AEC100 6 cc Acoustic Coupler
Larson Davis AEC100 NBS 9A 6 cc Coupler AEC100 NBS 9A 6 cc Coupler for 1 inch microphone
A rugged artificial ear for testing  supra-aural earphones

The AEC100 Coupler is a precision acoustic coupler designed primarily for the calibration and test of supra-aural earphones used in audiometry. It allows accurate and repeatable measurements within its frequency response (up to 8 kHz). It may also be used for production testing where correlation between the coupler and real ear response is not a requisite.
AEC201-A Acoustic Coupler
Larson Davis AEC201-A IEC 60381-1 Ear Simulator AEC201-A IEC 60318-1 Ear Simulator
A new Ear Simulator for testing a variety of earphones using the latest standards

AEC201-A is a new ear simulator designed to be used with both supra-aural and circumaural earphone at frequencies up to 16000 Hz. Its design meets the requirements of IEC 60318-1:2009 Edition 2 and ANSI S3.7 section 5.4 which make it compatible with earphones like TDH 39, TDH 49, TDH 50, HDA200 and Koss HV/1A. The AEC201-A is supplied with the 377A13 microphone and a Type 1 adapter plate. 
 AMC493B Artificial Mastoid
Larson Davis A493B Artificial Mastoid
AMC493B Artificial Mastoid
Use this innovative transducer for bone vibrator testing

The AMC493B is cost effective and simple to use. Its patented design converts the vibrator force output to an acoustic signal measured with the system’s sound level meter. It is used with the AEC100 coupler or AEC201-A Ear Simulator to perform bone vibrator tests..

 AEC202 2 cc Acoustic Coupler
Larson Davis AEC202 2 cc Coupler
AEC202 2 cc Coupler for 1/2 inch microphone
Used for Insert Type Hearing Aids and Earphones

Complies with IEC60126, IEC60318-5, ANSI S3.7
 AEC203 2 cc Acoustic Coupler
Larson Davis AEC203 2 cc Coupler
AEC203 2 cc Coupler for 1 inch microphone
Used for Insert Type Hearing Aids and Earphones

Complies with IEC60126, IEC60318-5, ANSI S3.7 2 cc
AEC204 Occluded-Ear Acoustic Coupler
Larson Davis AEC204 Coupler
AEC204 Occluded-Ear Simulator
For the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts

Complies with IEC60318-4, IEC60711:1981 (includes 1/2 inch 12.5mV/Pa matched microphone)
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Audit Audiometer Calibration System
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