Sound Level Meter 
Noise Monitoring System
Vibration Meter

Conditioning AmplIfier

Data Acquistion
Sound & Vibration System
Audiometer Calibration
Acoustic Couplers
Machine Vibration Monitoring
Ground Vibration Monitoring
Cable Force Monitoring
High Voltage Testing
ICP / Charge Conditioning Amplifier (PCB)
PCB 482C Signal Conditioner
PCB offers different ICP / Charge Conditioning Amplifiers including:
- Battery or USB powered ICP power supply and signal conditioners
- Benchtop 4 ch ICP / Charge / Bridge inputs amplifier
- Rack mounted 8 / 16 ch ICP / Charge channel amplifier
- Charge to ICP converter

Microphone Conditioning Amplifier (Larson Davis)
Larson Davis 2221 microphone power supply Model 2221 Power Supply provides 200V polarization voltage to precision microphone and preamplifier. It comes with selectable A, C and Z weighting and 0 / 50 dB.. 2221 is battery powered; and can provide 40 hours of continous operation. It can drive input / output cables up to 400 feets.
Bridge Amplifier (HBM)
HBM Scout55, MVD2555 bridge amplifier / display / DAQ

Scout55 / MVD2555 are 4.8 kHz carrier frequency amplifier for strain-gauge half and full bridges, inductive half and full bridges, LVDTs, piezoresistive and potentiometric transducers. 
Analog output (current / voltage); LED Data display.
- four limit switches
- Peak value stores (min./max.,peak-to-peak)
- RS-232 interface to PC for data acquistion

Universal Amplifier (HBM)
HBM MGCPlus Universal Amplifier / DAQ MGCPlus is a Universal Precision Amplifier from HBM. By selecting different modules, MGCPlus can support all different transducers like 1/4, 1/2 and full resistance bridge, inductive bridge,  ICP transducer, torque / frequency, LVDT, Resistance, Thermocouple, CANBus. It can work alone without PC and display the measured value. Or data acquisition can be done using Ethernet or orther interfaces to PC by Catman software. 
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