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QuantumX Universal Data Acquistion (HBM)
HBM QuantumX - universal DAQ
QuantumX can support all transducers including Resistance 1/2 and Full Bridge, Inductive, ICP, Torque, Frequency, Thermocouple, P100/P1000, Potentiometer, LVDT, CANBus. Its flexible confguration allows working alone; centralized or as a distributed system by Ethernet or Firewire.  
MGCPlus Universal Data Acquisition (HBM)
HBM MGC Plus MGC - support all transducers
With more than 100,000 MGCplus channels in different applications worldwide, MGCplus system has achieved acceptance as a measurement standard. The wide spectrum of supported transducers, high precision, fieldbus connections and standard PC interfaces show it is a truly integrated measurement device.
Somat eDAQ Robust Data Acquistion System (HBM)
HBM Somat eDAQ, robust DAQ for harsh environment
The SoMat eDAQ sets the standard for rugged, mobile data acquisition; a stand-alone sealed system designed for testing in the harshest of environments. Over 25 years of mobile data acquisition expertise, this experience comes leading-edge signal conditinoing and a capacity to perform on-board data processing, triggering, intelligent data storage, complex computations.
CANHead for experimental stress / strain analysis (HBM)
HBM CANHead for stress/strain DAQ save cost

The 10-channel CANHEAD® amplifier is specially for experimetnal stress measurement. Modules can be installed in immediate proximity to the measuring points. Inexpensive and reliable standard fieldbus cables connect the CANHEAD® modules to a communication master. With CANHEAD®, long confusing cabling is a thing of the past,

Genesis High Speed Recorder (HBM)
Genesis Gen2i for high voltage and high speed DAQ

Genesis HighSpeed has physical signal conditioners for all common sensors or featuring isolation to acquire off-ground signals even in the MegaVolt range. The sample rates range from 100 kS/s to 100 MS/s per channel.
Systems are out-of-the-box and easy-to-use. The user interface of the shared Perception software is legendary. Also, the patented StatStream review technology enables instant handling of gigabytes of measurement data.

Optical Interrogator (HBM)
Optical Interrogator
Now you can also benefit from perfectly matched measurement chains when using optical strain gages. Gain time and increase safety by utilizing the complete solution from a single source - from optical strain gages FBG through interrogators (opto-electric measurement instruments) and software. HBM offers following types of interrogators for the acquisition of optical signal data:

HBM Catman AP software

Catman AP is the intuitive and professional software solution for data acquisition and visualization. Get your result in seconds!

  • catman® provides a wealth of mathematical and graphical functions for analyzing and evaluating your measurement data
  • Export the data into all common standard formats (for example Excel or ASII).
Catman AP works with HBM Data Acquistion Systems such as QuantumX, CANHead, MGCPlus, Somat eDAQ.

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