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Larson Davis 821 Sound Level Meter
New Product
New 821 Sound Level Meter For Construction Site
Imagine that you are going to monitor construction noise for 2 days, but you don't want to bring along with the backup battery; and worry about the high temperature during day time and the occasional shower that may damage the meter. You will be happy about the new SoundExpert 821, that is designed for use in harsh environment.

Its battery can last for 40 hours. The IP65 rating protects the meter against moisture and dust. Maximum operation temperature up to 60 degree C allows continuous measurement in hot environment under direct sunlight.   
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Endevco 6 DOF Sensor
Featured product
6 DOF Sensor 7360A By Endevco
In typical dynamic measurements, acceleration and angular rate data are essential parameters needed to fully characterize the complex behavior of a moving object. Until recently, engineers could only gather information using linear accelerometers because the massive array of sensors required to collect rotational data was impractical due to the expense and space required. With this new 6DOF sensor,  engineers are now able to measure linear and rotational dynamics that previously required multiple sensors and additional space. Rather than having to make assumptions about these dynamic interactions, the engineers can receive reliable, empirical data to support analytical results. The multiaxial Model 7360A sensor offers low acceleration ranges and low angular rate ranges suitable for accurately characterizing motion.

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Adash VA3 Pro Ex vibration analyzer
New Product
New Adash VA3 Pro Ex - Explosion Proof Vibration Analyzer
Machinery condition monitoring is a necessity in hazardous industry environments such as power, oil & gas and petrochemical etc. To protect human lives and equipment, the devices used in such harsh areas has to be explosion proof. VA3 Pro Ex is ready at your service.

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iTestMeasure Co. Ltd.
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Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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