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Larson Davis 831C for reverberation time measurement
New feature
Reverberation Time Measurement by Larson Davis 831C SoundAdvisor
Following the release of the FFT function, Larson Davis recently released the Reverberation Time Measurement firmware for the 831C SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter.

831C can be remotely controlled by phone or PC, so you can stay out of the room during the reverberation time measurement, that eliminates the sound absorption due to the human body.

831C is the high end sound level meter from Larson Davis. It offers an elegant solution for environmental noise, room acoustics, vibration analysis (FFT), audiometer calibration and super low noise measurement down to 6.5 dBA.

Read more about the 831C Sound Level Meter
Adash balancing using smart phone
Video tutorial
Free - Balance the motor using your smartphone
Can you imagine balancing your fan using your smartphone?

Ideally you should use a vibration meter (such as A4900 Vibrio from Adash) together with the App for basic balancing. But don't worry if you don't have it. You can perform balancing just with your smartphone, because the app can use inbuilt smartphone acceleration sensor for it. This video is a tutorial explaining how to balance machine using only your mobile phone.

Watch the tutorial about Adash Balancer App
PCB isolated triaxial accelerometer up to 10 kHz
New Product
PCB released the Case Isolated Triaxial Accelerometer 354B04 & 354B05 up to 10 kHz
Models 354B04 and 354B05 were designed with durable and rugged titanium housings to maintain electrical isolation even if the housing is scratched or damaged during normal use.The case isolated design eliminates the need for special isolation bases, coatings and insulated mounting screws. The thru-hole mounting configuration allows these accelerometers to be rotated 360 degrees prior to tightening the screw, allowing for easy installation.

Learn more about the 354B04 Á 354B05
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Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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