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HBM ClipX IoT Signal Conditioner
Featured Product
IoT Industrial Signal Conditioner
ClipX adapts to your measurement task, regardless of whether it is used with single- or multiple-channel applications. ClipX provides all the latest automation interfaces to perfectly integrate the device into comprehensive control concepts. A particular feature is the intuitive web interface that also enables remote operation, parameterization, and diagnosis.

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HBM KDB force transducer for verification of material testing machine
New Product
Verification Of Material Testing Machine
The KDB special force transducer has been designed to comply with the requirements of DIN EN 12390 for verifying testing machines for building materials.

Four independent strain gauge full bridges enable bending moments to be measured alongside the total force.

In case of centered load application, the force sensor can be used up to 3 MN. HBM offers a spherical load application element and a thrust piece for this application. This enables the KDB to be used as a reference transducer compliant with Class 0.5 requirements of ISO376.

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HBM roadway monitoring
Case Story
How an Automatic Monitoring System Keeps Roads in Good Structural Condition
To make roadway maintenance predictable, the Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation (CEDEX) installed a dynamic structural health monitoring system on the A-62 motorway in Valladolid, Spain. This monitoring system helps to establish predictive maintenance software models and address specific problems which can occur over life time. Starring in this project was HBM’s QuantumX and Catman data acquisition and analysis system.

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