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831C-SCH Scheduled Environmental Noise Monitoring
New features
Scheduled Environmental Noise Monitoring
Environmental Noise Monitoring may only be required during specific time periods. 831C-SCH firmware schedules the monitoring task to extend battery life by reducing power consumption. Noise data will be measured and stored when necessary. Noise limits can also be changed for different period of time.

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Adash negative average for bump test
New Feature
What is negative average in bump test?
During bump test, we may encounter situations where the machines nearby cannot be turned off. The background vibration may affect the determination of resonance frequency. The bump test of VA5 Pro allows cancellation of interference by Negative Averaging

Watch the video introducing negative averaging
HBM inline amplifier
New Product
New Inline Amplifier for C9C and U9C Miniature Force Sensors
The C9C and U9C force sensors from HBM are now also available with a permanently connected inline measuring amplifier. This design makes it much easier to set up the measuring chain, as there is no more soldering or crimping and no need to configure a measuring amplifier. A current-output (4—20 mA) and a voltage-output (0—10 V) version are available.

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iTestMeasure Co. Ltd.
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