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User Management on 831C Sound Advisor
New Feature
User Management On Sound Advisor 831C

The new network security feature in 831C Sound Level Meter protects the noise monitor from unwanted interference or tampering when operating over a remote connection through internet during a noise monitoring task.

Different levels of access can be implemented. For example, 'Guest' user is allowed to look at the noise data, but cannot stop the measurement or change the setup. 

Learn more about noise monitoring system based on 831C Sound Advisor

ODS of turbine generator set (Prosig)
Application Note
Operation Deflection Shape (ODS) from a Gas Turbine Generator
For a large rotating machine such as a turbine generator, fan or pump, the excitation force is primarily caused by any imbalance present in the structure; and the vibration pattern (Operation Deflection Shape) is influenced by the structure’s natural frequencies, the stiffness of the supporting bearings and the rotational speed.

When observing rotor-dynamics of the Gas Turbine Generator, the vibration patterns during the variable speed states are most interesting as different critical speed can be excited.

Read the Prosig Application Note    
HBM MSFS QuantumX for optical measurement
New Product
Integrating Optical and Electrical Measurements into One Reliable System
There is a new member MXFS Optical Interrogator joining the popular HBM QuantumX Data Acquisition System. MXFS is designed for precise measurement of strain, displacement, temperature, tilt angle and vibration based on the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG).

Its normal acquisition rate of 100 samples / sec is most suited for monitoring project or thermal testing of component. The high speed mode of 2000 samples / sec is suitable for experimental stress or dynamic monitoring.

Learn more about the HBM MXFS optical interrogator
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