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New FBG displacement transducer by HBM
New Product
New Optical Displacement Sensor from HBM

Based on the newLight® technology, FS61DSP Displacement Sensor is a ruggedized Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor designed to measure linear displacement with resolution of 20 um. The sensor uses two FBGs in a push-pull configuration for effective temperature compensation.

It can be used in a large range of monitoring applications, like sustaining walls, bridge piles or buildings.

Learn more about HBM Optical Displacement Transducer

Prosig S&V handbook
Technical Note
How to Select the Right Adhesive for your Strain Gauge Installation
The bonding materials have the task of firmly attaching the strain gauge to the measured object’s surface and transferring the object’s deformation without loss to the strain gauge.

The various conditions and influences, and application options, require different bonding materials and installation methods.

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infrared camera of Adash VA5 Pro vibration analyzer
Application Video
Visualize The Space Vector Control In Electric Power Testing
In this video, we will guide you through visualizing space vector control in the leading DAQ software Perception for electric power testing. The example goes beyond high accuracy efficiency readings but also showcases recording raw data and performing real time calculation and visualization of signals to gain a fast intuition to your motion control.

Look at the video about Electric Power Testing
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