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Merry Christmas
Season's Greetings
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
PCB microphone handbook
New Microphone Handbook from PCB
The PCB team of acoustic experts and mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineers shared over 35 years of their collective microphone design and manufacturing experience in the new microphone handbook.

Download PCB Microphone Handbook
Adash vibration sensor simulator
New Product
Accelerometer Simulator from Adash
The A4802 Sensor Simulator is a handy tools for routine checking and commissioning. It can simulate the accelerometer and inject 2 signals (10 mm/s @ 80 Hz and 0.5 g @ 8000 Hz)  to your vibration meter, analyzer or on-line monitoring system; and verify if the whole measurement chain is functioning properly.

Learn more about the Adash sensor simulator
Bridge Modal Analysis
Case Story
Operation Modal Analysis Of Bridge By Sequoia
The case story describes the monitoring of vibrations induced on the main EXPO Milan Pedestrian Bridge of Cascina Merlata, which stands above both the railway line and the highway. Six hybrid (ICP + MEMS) digital triaxial sensors were used for the vibration measurement job. The structure was "excited" both by "environmental" vibrations such as the trains transit below, and by the walking / running of pedestrians on the structure.

Read the case story of the bridge modal analysis by Sequoia
iTestMeasure Co. Ltd.
Home Product Application News

Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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