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HBM force shunt measurement
Application Note
Measuring Force By Force Shunt

Instead of measuring force directly by force transducer, sometimes measurement is preferred to be made indirectly by force shunt. The article compares 3 different types of force shunt measurements (using strain gauge, strain transducer and force washer); and indicates their advantages and disadvantages.

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HBM high precision QuantumX for calibration. Accuracy 25 ppm
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Compact High Precision (25 ppm) QuantumX
Measurement signals need to be made available with increasing precision and, at the same time, with high stability to fully utilize the potential of static measurements in calibration tasks, The compact QuantumX MX238B two-channel precision module with 0.0025 accuracy class (25 ppm) is ideal for highly precise measurements with full bridge strain gauge based transducers. At the same time, it is compact and small and thus suitable for on-site servicing.

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HBM Evidas data acquisition software
New Product
EVIDAS Data Acquisition Software : Your DAQ Brain
EVIDAS offers modern and open software interfaces. With an outstanding usability, it turns your test and measurement tasks into fun. It gets you to your measurement results in two simple clicks. Connect your selection of intelligent sensors (TEDS) to your measurement device and start your measurement right away. The intuitive design and clean workflow of EVIDAS software provides you with an outstanding visual feedback. 

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HBM force transducer in free fall machine
Case Story
HBM Force Transducer in Free Fall Machine
Reinforced concrete beams have a tendency to fail under shear load due to minimum energy absorption capacity during impact. Tests were therefore conducted to identify the improvement potential for resistance using beams with metal fiber reinforcement. The free fall machine features HBM piezoelectric force transducers with CFW load washers, which are able to detect forces with the maximum precision possible.

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