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Happy New Year 2019
New Year's Greetings
big saving in replacement of broken microphone
Featured Product
Big Saving In Replacement Of Broken Microphone In Sound Level Meter
When making noise measurement in construction environment, we may drop and break microphone by accident from time to time. It is costly to replace the microphone. PCB 377B02 1/2" microphone is the direct replacement of the microphone in your sound level meter. You will be surprised by the cost saving. Please contact us before the replacement.

Look at the specifications of PCB microphone.
PCB pressure transducer for the smallest space
New Product
PCB Piezotronics Launches Subminiature ICP Pressure Sensors
The Model 105C pressure sensor is as robust as PCB’s larger sensors but compact enough to fit into small spaces or areas with tight clearances. The small size and stiffness of a quartz-sensing element yields a very high resonant frequency (> 250 kHz) for high quality measurements where other piezoelectric pressure sensors cannot fit or survive.

Read more about PCB 105C pressure sensor
HBM force transducer in free fall machine
Case Story
HBM Force Transducer in Free Fall Machine
Reinforced concrete beams have a tendency to fail under shear load due to minimum energy absorption capacity during impact. Tests were therefore conducted to identify the improvement potential for resistance using beams with metal fiber reinforcement. The free fall machine features HBM piezoelectric force transducers with CFW load washers, which are able to detect forces with the maximum precision possible.

Read the full HBM case story
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