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GEA II PPV vibration monitoring
Featured Product
Hybrid PPV Sensor With USB Interface For Piling Vibration According To BS 7385
Simply connecting the GEA II digital senosr to the USB port of the PC, you can start the PPV monitoring. Only one PC monitoring software license is needed for  multi monitoirng locations, so the cost per point becomes attractive, Thanks to the innovative hybrid ICP design, low vibration level can be measured down to 0,0005 mm/s.

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intelligent concrete testing

Case Story
Testings On Concrete Structure

Aarhus University School of Engineering's Concrete Laboratory needs to carry out static experiments on various types of structures and involve not only fracture of traditional reinforced concrete beams, but also other types of structures. Equipment needs to be flexible and easy in setup so that the students can switch between a wide range of experiments easily.

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introduction to dynamic pressure transducer

Technical Note
Understand The Dyanmic ICP Pressure Transducer

Piezoelectric pressure sensors measure dynamic pressure. They are typically not suited for static pressure measurements. Dynamic pressure measurements including turbulence, blast, ballistics, and engine combustion require sensors with special capabilities. These capabilities include fast response, ruggedness, high stiffness, extended ranges, and the ability to measure quasi­ static pressures. These are standard features associated with PCB® quartz pressure sensors 

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Product Profolio
Class 1 Sound Level Meter
Noise Dosimeter
Noise Analyzer 1/1, 1/3 Oct
Permannent Noise Monitoring 
NC, NR, STI, Reverberation Time
Outdoor Microphone
Noise Mapping
Data Acquistion System
Sound Calibrator
Audiometer Calibration System
Acoustics Coupler
ISO 10816-1 Vibration Meter
Vibration Analyzer
Vibration Data Collector
Vibration Monitoring System
Vibration Transmitter 4-20 mA
Vibration Indicator
On-line Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Switch

Modal Analysis System
Vibration Controller
Vibration Testing System

Shaker, Exciter
Vibration Calibrator
Ground Vibration Monitor
Impact Hammer
Pressure Transducer
Strain Gage

Load Cell
Force Transducer
Torque Transducer
Displacement Transducer

ICP Signal Conditoner
Bridge Signal Conditoner
Measuring Amplifier

High Voltage Testing
High Speed Electrial Power Measuring System

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Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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