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Using probe microphone for acoustics holography

White Paper
Using Probe Microphone for Acoustics Holography

The white paper describes the use of probe microphone for near field acoustics holography measurement of the carbon nanotube (CNT) thin-film speakers.

It is challenging to measure the surface velocity of the CNT speaker because the
material is not moving, is very lightweight, and the surface temperature is very hot (In the order of hundreds of degrees Celsius). Because the surface isn’t moving, we can’t use common surface velocity sensors such as accelerometers or laser vibrometers. The high surface temperatures prevent the use of common microphones in the nearfield.......

Download the white paper from PCB website
measure ground vibration according to ISO2631-2

Featured Product
Measure building vibration according to Beam Plus (ISO2631-2)

Beam Plus asks for building vibration measurement in new building according to ISO 2631-2 and demonstrates that there is no eccessive vibration due to building service equipment or external source like traffic.

Larson Davis HVM200 is an easy to use triaxial vibration logger, that measures the time history of overall weighted vibration level and 1/3 octave spectrum against time. The built-in WIFI allows remote access of data and change of setup by your phone or PC.

Learn more about Larson Davis HVM200 Vibration Meter
attach strain gauge to concrete

Technical Note
Tips & Tricks on the Installation of Strain Gauges on Concrete Surfaces

Installing strain gauges on concrete surfaces does not have to be difficult. Bear in mind three key criteria and the rest will be a cakewalk.

The choice of the right strain gauge depends on the measuring grid length, mainly because it has a decisive impact on the result of the measurement........... Concrete requires a strong, pore-filling adhesive that forms reliable bonds even if some amount of residual moisture is still present in the concrete......... It is necessary to determine whether the concrete was cast with oiled or dry molds......

Read the technical article at HBM website
Is tape recorder obsolete for vibration measurement?

Technical Note
Who Said Tape Recording Is Obsolete

'Recorder' is a very handy tools when making fault diagnosis of rotating machine. You don't have to worry about wrong setup of measurement parameters at site due to pressure or limit of time

After back to the office, you may want to add some further analysis of the vibration, for example, increase the resolution of FFT to confirm that the frequency is 2x line frequency.(50 Hz); add an envelope analysis to verify a bearing fault; see if the vibration varies with time for an induction motor...... All of these are possible if  'recorder' is used.

In this article, the Managing Director of Adash, Radomir, is going to talk about his experience with 'recorder', which is getting more and more popular.

Read the article which is published in MaintWorld magazine

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