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wind noise reduction
White Paper
Which method gives the best reduction of wind noise?
When measuring sound in windy condition, there are different methods normally used for wind noise reduction : windscreen, noise cone, grid cap, surface microphone, and placing the microphone at an angle to the wind.

This paper compares the effectiveness of these methods in noise reduction and the experiment is carried out in wind tunnel..

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how does a load cell work (HBM)

Technical Note
How does a load cell work?

Load cells are used to measure weight. They are an integral part of our daily life : in your car or at the cheese counter in the supermarket.

Load cells generally consist of a spring element on which strain gauges have been placed. The spring element is usually made of steel or aluminum. That means it is very sturdy, but also minimally elastic. As the name "spring element" suggests, the steel is slightly deformed under load, but then returns to its starting position, responding elastically to every load. These extremely small changes can be acquired with strain gauges. Then finally the deformation of the strain gauge is interpreted by analysis electronics to determine the weight.

Read the full article at HBM website
how temperature affect accelerometer calibration

Technical Note
How Temperature Affects Accelerometer?

Temperature influence can be a critical factor when it comes to applications where the accelerometer will be used in a low- or high-temperature environment or in a climate chamber where a test article will be submitted to vibration and temperature cycling at the same time. Therefore, it is very important to always check with the sensor manufacturer what the expected temperature response of the sensor is.

Read the TMS article on accelerometer

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