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Vibration Monitoring Course
Training Course
Vibration Monitoring & Diagnosis (Level 1) - Oct 26, 2017
How to save maintenance cost by extending the overhaul period without increasing the risk of machine breakdown? What are the performance indexes that you can use to access your machine condition? How to use the FFT to determine the root cause of high vibration? How to balance the motor at site? This training course will give you the answers.

Learn more about the training course on Oct 26
Vibration Monitoring of machine with variable speed

Application Note
How To Monitor Variable Speed Machine Like Lift?

Vibration monitoring works well for constant speed machine, but how about machine like lift and hoist which are variable in speed and there are start / stop motions (as shown in the vibration waveform above)?

By means of digital recording function, vibration data can be recorded; and then played back for the period of time when the RPM is stable (highlighted in yellow). Therefore vibration data with the same speed can be compared and trended against time for fault detection. By means of recording, previously challenging job can now be achieved fairly easily.

If extra measurements are needed in diagnosis, there is no need to go to the field for data collection again. Not just saving time, but can be critical for measurement that cannot be repeated easily like tubine runup.

Learn more about what you can do with the latest vibration analyzer Adash VA4 Pro
ceiling structure monitoring by HBM

Case Story
Structural monitoring ensures safety of steel ceiling in new Holmestrand station

Trains pass through the station hall at Holmestrand at a speed of 250 km/h. Passengers waiting on the platforms need to be spared any discomfort from the pressure generated by trains travelling at such high speed.

The client Bane NOR requested additional verification and monitoring of the steel ceiling above the track to enable the collection of useful documentation over the 100-year lifetime of the steel ceiling. The contractor HENT AS sought HBM assistance for monitoring soluton.

In addition to the 226 strain gauge measuring points, three load cells were also mounted on selected bolts on the steel ceiling in order to monitor the bolt strain over time. Three accelerometers  were also installed to enable the monitoring over time of the three-directional movement within the steel ceiling. ......

Read the case story of ceiling structure monitoring 

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