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hypersonic windtunnel pressure transducer
White Paper
Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Acoustic Pressure Sensors
Hypersonic boundary-layer transition on re-entry vehicles and lifting bodies is not a well understood phenomenon. During the study of test models in a hypersonic wind tunnel, the presence of small pressure fluctuations can complicate the understanding of the boundary layer transition phenomenon. These small, acoustic pressure oscillations that occur in the transition region tend to create heating and skin friction. As a result, the heat buildup can more than double.

A better understanding of boundary-layer transition will allow design engineers to improve the design of thermal protection systems by reducing the weight of the vehicle, decreasing fuel burn and increasing the payload carrying capability for the mission. 

Download the PCB white paper 'Hypersonic Windtunnel Pressure Transducer' in pdf file

Measure of high strain level

Technical Video
Durability Testing of High Tensile Material
New strain gauges with increased resistance to alternating loads

Strain gauges (SG) have been producing reliable results for years in experimental stress analysis and especially in fatigue life analysis of fiber composite components.

Due to the extreme hardness of the materials, however, the standard measuring equipment that is used now frequently reaches its limits. It sometimes happens that an SG oscillating for an extended period of time at a high load level fails earlier than the component being measured.

In this video we will explore these challenges in more detail and point out some solutions. We will also look into optical systems, another useful tool for extremely high strain levels.

Look at the HBM video on new strain gages for high strain level

Vibration Monitoring by Adash

Application Note
How to start your vibration monitoring program?

9 step approach by Adash to set up a vibration monitoring program in your machine plant. It includes how to select your measurement point; what measurements should be taken; how to trend the fault development and more....

To learn more about Adash 9 step approach

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