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Larson Davis SoundAdvisor 831C

New Product
NEW Sound Level Meter 831C designed for web browser access

Does you client ask for real-time access of noise data at site? Do you want to save travelling time, and remotely download your noise data? All these benefits are available when using the SoundAdvisor 831C which supports 4G, WIFI, wired LAN and USB connection. The meter can even serve as its own WiFi hotspot, so it can easily be controlled by your phone.

Learn more about the Larson Davis SoundAdvisor 831C

Adash Stroboscope=

Technical Video
Dynamic Calibration of Proximity Probe

Mike Scott, Category II Vibration Analyst, demonstrates how to dynamically calibrate proximity probes, creating calibration certificates for linearity and frequency response by using Modal Shop’s 9110D portable vibration calibrator. Shaft motion is simulated with the shaker, allowing technicians to check alert & alarm trip points for eddy current probes during the calibration process.

Watch the video about proximity probe calibration

HBM residual stress measurement

Local News
The First Residual Stress Measurement System in Hong Kong

All stresses that exist in materials, also without the application of any external loads, are termed residual stresses. Residual stresses limit the loading capacity and safety of mechanical components during operation. Residual  stresses can be caused by the factors such as casting, welding, molding, forging, tempering, grinding, shot-peening etc.

The Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) of Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the first organization in Hong Kong providing the service of residual stress measurement to the local industries, The aim of ASRC is to develop new or improved aviation service technologies and processes applicable to industry.

To learn more about the Residual Stress Measurement System MTS3000

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Class 1 Sound Level Meter
Noise Dosimeter
Noise Analyzer 1/1, 1/3 Oct
Permannent Noise Monitoring 
NC, NR, STI, Reverberation Time
Outdoor Microphone
Noise Mapping
Data Acquistion System
Sound Calibrator
Audiometer Calibration System
Acoustics Coupler
ISO 10816-1 Vibration Meter
Vibration Analyzer
Vibration Data Collector
Vibration Monitoring System
Vibration Transmitter 4-20 mA
Vibration Indicator
On-line Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Switch

Modal Analysis System
Vibration Controller
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Shaker, Exciter
Vibration Calibrator
Ground Vibration Monitor
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Load Cell
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ICP Signal Conditoner
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High Voltage Testing
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