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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
祝 大家雞年進步, 五福臨門
耶 和 華 所 賜 的 福 、 使 人 富 足 、 並 不 加 上 憂 慮 。
(箴 言 10 : 22)

GEA ground vibration monitoriing

New Product
Monitoring ground vibration of building and construction site using digital transducers

GEA is an innovative system for vibration monitoring in the civil-engineering sector and is suitable for on-site investigations concerning the installation of complex and permanent monitoring systems.

Learn more about the NEW GEA ground vibration monitoring system

Adash, trending of machine fault

New Concept in Monitoring
Do you want to trend the development of Machine Faults (instead of vibration levels)?

Users care about the development of the machine faults more than the vibration levels. Adash FASIT expert system provides the hints on the cause of high vibration level;. It can also trend the development of machine faults such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing fault.

Learn more about the NEW Adash fault trending 

Larson Davis web published construction noise monitoring system

Featured Product
Rapid Deployment of Construction Noise Monitoring System

More and more clients ask for web publishing of construction noise data. In case of exceedance of Leq (for certain period of time), notification to the site supervisor through SMS / email will be needed. The latest NoiseTutor from Larson Davis addresses all the needs for construction noise monitoring; and allows rapid deployment without hassle.

Noiseturtor will update customer website automatically, so that many users can access the information simultaneously without the bottleneck of some sound level meters when the web hosting at the SLM iteself.

Learn more about the Larson Davis NoiseTutor
HBM Optical Strain Gage for large structure monitoring

New Product
Structure monitoring by optical strain gage

The new FS62 Optical Strain Sensors are particularly suited for structural health monitoring in large structures. These robust and reliable sensors perfectly match the requirements of strain measurement in both indoor or outdoor applications.

FS62 are designed to be bonded to surfaces and materials, spot welded to structures and components, attached or directly cast into concrete wet mix.

Learn more about HBM NEW FS62 optical strain gauge

Product Profolio
Class 1 Sound Level Meter
Noise Dosimeter
Noise Analyzer 1/1, 1/3 Oct
Permannent Noise Monitoring 
NC, NR, STI, Reverberation Time
Outdoor Microphone
Noise Mapping
Data Acquistion System
Sound Calibrator
Audiometer Calibration System
Acoustics Coupler
ISO 10816-1 Vibration Meter
Vibration Analyzer
Vibration Data Collector
Vibration Monitoring System
Vibration Transmitter 4-20 mA
Vibration Indicator
On-line Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Switch

Modal Analysis System
Vibration Controller
Vibration Testing System

Shaker, Exciter
Vibration Calibrator
Ground Vibration Monitor
Impact Hammer
Pressure Transducer
Strain Gage

Load Cell
Force Transducer
Torque Transducer
Displacement Transducer

ICP Signal Conditoner
Bridge Signal Conditoner
Measuring Amplifier

High Voltage Testing
High Speed Electrial Power Measuring System

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Featured Products : 831 Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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